Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which size should I choose?

    You can easily identify your size with our size chart.

  • How long can I carry my child in an AíBí prêt à porter?

    In theory, you can wear your child in an AíBí prêt à porter for as long as you both feel comfortable. AíBí prêt à porter slings are designed for distances of up to about 5 km, which is roughly equivalent to 60 minutes.

  • How old does my child have to be for me to use an AíBí prêt à porter?

    The AíBí prêt à porter is designed for wearing a child sideways (on your hip), for children aged from around 9 months (the child must already be able to sit) up to 5 years.

  • Will my child really stay seated securely at my hip and not always keep leaning back?

    If you use the AíBí prêt à porter correctly, there’s no danger here. Stick to the instructions in the How to Wear guide. If your child has too much room to move in the baby sling then you should choose a smaller size.

  • Is the quality of the fabric strong enough to carry my child?

    The AíBí prêt à porter holds up to a maximum weight of 30 kg. We have placed much emphasis when choosing the fabric to have a fabric that feels when wearing it comfortable soft like silk. In addition the fabric must be absolutely tear resistant. The selected high-level polyester satisfies both characteristics and is therefore ideally suited for the AíBí prêt à porter. The model kangaroo is additionally lined with a cotton satin. This leads to a perfect and comfortable fit both as tube scarf as well as baby carrier.

  • What kind of fabric has been used?

    The model Kangoroo has the following fabric quality:

    outer material 100 % polyester, lining 100 % cotton, Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

    The models Chameleon and Kid have the following fabric quality: 100 % polyester.

  • Does the fabric contain any pollutants?

    Of course not! The fabric is strictly controlled on pollutants, with AZO free colours produced and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

  • Is the fabric comfortable to wear?

    The AíBí prêt à porter feels pleasantly soft and silky and gives both as tube scarf as well as baby carrier a great nice comfort.

  • Can a man use the AíBí prêt à porter as well?

    Yes of course!

    For example, the designs “Striped”, “Fox flower red” and “Deer dark”

    can be worn by a man.

    The size for a man you can easily evaluate from the size chart.

  • Is the size of the AíBí prêt à porter I should choose determined by my child’s weight and height?

    All information for choosing the right size you may take easily from the size chart.

  • Can I also wear the AíBí prêt à porter over my winter jacket?

    As a general rule, yes. However, if doing so is uncomfortable, why not treat yourself to a larger model for the cold winter days. Maybe one with lovely wintertime colours. You might want to go for the “Chameleon” model, as you can tie it up at the size that’s just right for you.

  • What size would you recommend if I want to use an AíBí prêt à porter only as a tube scarf (and not as a baby sling)?

    We suggest you to buy the size number 4.

  • At what temperature should I wash my AíBí prêt à porter?

    You can machine-wash your AíBí prêt à porter cold (at 30°C). Line dry (not in the dryer).

  • Can I exchange or return my AíBí prêt à porter?

    You will find the necessary information in respect of exchange and return possibilities in our General Terms and Conditions.