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AíBí prêt à porter Kangaroo

This tube scarf is permanently sewn in your size. It can become a baby carrier in next to no time, because you don’t have to tie it or make any knots. It’s ideal for the fashion-conscious mom who wants to be ready to wear her child especially quickly. And for anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on the huge “tube scarf” trend.


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AíBí prêt à porter Chameleon

The big scarf that you easily tie up into a baby carrier of the size you need – or wear in a wide variety of ways as a stylish scarf (around your neck, over your shoulders, as a pareo, etc.). 

Ideal for all fashionistas – with or without a child.


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AíBí prêt à porter Kid

Your children will certainly want to carry around their favorite dolls and stuffed animals by wearing them on the go, just like you do! 

Ideal for your little ones.

AíBí prêt à porter

Its exclusive design turns AíBí prêt à porter into a fashionable accessory that makes your daily routine just that much easier. You can wear it as a scarf or simply keep it in your purse, always by your side. So you’ll be ready to wear your child anytime.


Whether you’re in a museum, walking home from the bus stop, travelling, or at your best friend’s wedding reception, you can simply put your child in and enjoy the moment, looking great all the while… indeed, it’s truly ready to wear -

“prêt à porter”!


AíBí prêt à porter has been designed to wear a child at your waist for short trips (up to about 5 km or 60 minutes). This light, scarf-style baby sling can be folded together, taking up very little space. With its stylish design, it is an indispensable accessory for all fashionistas – with or without a child.


Designed in Switzerland, made in Europe.